Miniature Games

Miniature games are a lot of fun for those who enjoy strategy and battle. We host regular leagues for Heroclix, Warhammer Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds.

Our Heroclix leagues run weekly on Sundays, and we accept pay in for the entire league or single session play. It's a fun, family friendly super-hero themed game with a group of players who are welcoming to both veterans and new players alike. With a solid community and prize support, it's sure to be a good time.

Our Warhammer leagues alternate on Saturdays. While both share some aspects of classic Warhammer wargaming, they both bring a unique twist to the formula.

Warcry is a small scale skirmish game, whereas Underworlds uses a board and decks for a more board game type of play. Both have their own unique appeal, and we have friendly staff on hand to explain the games and let you try it out for yourself. With weekly and league prize support, you'll be sure to get a few goodies to flesh out your own war bands as well.

We also host regular Paint & Take events. We'll have an instructor on hand to help you learn to paint your own miniatures, or give you tips to improve your skills. For a $10 buy in, you'll receive a pre-primed miniature, get to use our paint and supplies, and the mini is yours to keep. You can also enter your finished mini in a poll afterwards for the chance to win in-store credit.

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