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MTG Forgotten Realms - Prerelease

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This purchase entitles you to one in-store prerelease event, from July 16th to 18th. Click "Show More" to see what's new this time around...!

Prerelease is your chance to play with the cards from a brand-new set in a fun and casual setting where everyone is experiencing the new cards for the first time together!

You'll receive 6 packs and one promo card to build a deck with, and you'll have the chance to win more packs based on how well you do. We always throw in some random prizes too, and for this set 1 in 4 will also win a free card portfolio notebook! The notebook can both store your cards and record your decks, games, or even your D&D adventures.

But that's not all. You'll also be able to play in one of our introductory D&D adventures, normally a $5 entry, for free! Adventures will happen all weekend long, immediately following each prerelease. Don't miss out on the fun!

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